Best Nerf Machine Guns (Battery Powered) Available in 2019

2019 Nerf Machine Gun Buying Guide

Battery powered Nerf machine guns, some hate them, others love them. Those who don’t like them say that they ruin the true Nerf gun vibe and those who do like to shoot around with Nerf machine guns argue that it adds a welcome variety to the full Nerf range of blasters. 6 Best Nerf Sniper Rifles 1. Nerf RIVAL Nemesis2. Nerf … Read More

Best Nerf Sniper Rifles (2019 Edition)

best nerf sniper rifle - 2019 buying guide

Over the years, Nerf has produced many different types of blasters. Super small Nerf guns, revolver type blasters, big machine guns, and also sniper rifles. A sniper rifle is typically a weapon that can shoot very far and also very accurate. As we all know, Nerf blasters aren’t exactly accurate, so let’s not get too excited in that regard. However, there are … Read More

18 Amazing New Nerf Blasters You Should Consider this Christmas (2018 Edition)

18 Amazing new nerf blaster for christmas

So Christmas is going to be here soon and you want to surprise the kids with some great new Nerf blasters.That’s awesome, but it’s not going to be an easy decision-making process when you have no idea what kind of blasters would be perfect for your kids. Christmas Countdown 60 Days 20 Hours 21 Minutes 51 Seconds Don’t worry about it, though. In … Read More

What are the Best Nerf Guns for a 5 Year Old?

best nerf guns for 5 year old

So you’re shopping for a Nerf gun for your 5 year old, probably because they are begging for one, and you have no idea what to get. Sounds like a lot of parents with kids this age! You’re in luck!

DYE Precision Rotor Paintball Loader Review

DYE Precision Rotor Paintball Loader Review

There is a lot of love for what this hopper can offer to your paintball experience. However, there is also quite a bit of criticism surrounding the insanely high price. The truth, however, is that with the Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader you definitely get what you pay for.

Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader Review

So there you are trying to make a difficult decision about whether to stick to your rotor or to get yourself the Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader.  Well, I can tell you for free that your best decision yet would be to go for the Prophecy. This gun is simply out of this world with features that will leave … Read More

What is the Best Hopper for Speedball?

You’re on the market looking for a great hopper for speedball. Where do you start? The thing about hoppers is that there are so many of them out there and so many brands that you can go through some serious analysis paralysis while trying to decide what is best for you. That’s why we’re here; to give you a guide … Read More

What is Airsoft? Your Complete Resource to the History and Modern Day Game

what is airsoft

What is Airsoft?Airsoft, much like versions of laser tag or paintball, is a more realistic way to simulate military and police operations.  The use of life-like guns, gear, and tactics make it an extremely popular hobby for all walks of life.  Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of Airsoft and how to get started playing. History of AirsoftAt the end of … Read More