10 Best N-Strike Nerf Guns (Reviews & Comparison)

Best N-Strike Nerf Guns

What’s the best part about having a Nerf gun?

They’re harmless? No!

They’re toys? No!

They look like super saucy space-age weapons, coming right out of the set of a sci-fi movie? Hell, Yeah!

Nerf guns and sports are what really connects an adult to his/her childhood. Nerf wars are serious business, and if you’re into it. You have to stay equipped with the best tools.

A good Nerf gun is what gives you an edge in a match. So choosing the right one is of prime importance. And the best place to scour the apt fit is a line of Nerf N-Strike Guns.

So we decided to come with a comprehensive list of the 10 best N-Strike Nerf Guns on the market. We’ll be reviewing these guns, based upon our experience and customer reviews. So you can find out the best one for yourself.

What is the N-Strike Series and Why is it So Popular?

N-Strike is a series of Nerf blasters that hit the market in 2003. The blasters in this series are known for their ‘tactical-capabilities’ and high shooting velocities. The N-strike series has some of the best sidearm blasters out there.

This series is further classified into N-Strike and N-Strike Elite. With the latter being more advanced and quick.

This is by far the most diverse series of Nerf guns and includes 9 sub-series. The most popular among them is the N-Strike Elite series. Which for a matter of fact, has been recognized as a separate series by Nerf enthusiasts.

As of 2013, most products in the N-Strike series were discontinued. They were replaced by the more popular, N-Strike Elite series of blasters. However, there are still quite a few remnants of the predecessor series being used widely.

These blasters use the elite darts specially designed for this series. These have become the new standard darts since they are compatible with both magazine and regular system blasters.

The elite darts are currently the most capable ammunition available for Nerf guns. They offer longer range and better accuracy. Thus giving you an edge over competitors.

Reviews of the Best N-Strike Nerf Guns On the Market

The online space is crowded with reviews and opinions on what N-strike guns are the best and why. However, most of them lack detail and comprehension. So we decided to deliberately research and test these blasters hands-on to find the best ones.

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel, Slam Fire, and 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts for Kids, Teens, & Adults(Amazon Exclusive)

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 6 Elite Darts
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

A balanced and meticulously designed blaster from Hasbro, resembling a revolver mechanism. The Elite Strongarm blaster can be your primary weapon for a Nerf fight. The slam-fire mechanism allows you to shoot darts consecutively by moving the slide back and forth while you keep the trigger pressed.

The blaster has a 6 dart capacity cylinder, which flips out when you press the release button. The single-shot slam-fire mechanism allows you to control your darts and shoot more accurately. The orange indicator in the rear depicts when the blaster is loaded and ready to fire

Since the blaster has an effective range of about 90 feet, no target is very distant at the Nerf battlefield.

The blaster is compatible and shoots accurately with third-party darts, making it even more useful.

The Elite Strongarm is a reliable Nerf N-Strike blaster since it does not use any batteries or electronics. It is one of the best selling Nerf guns on the market because of its amazing range and reliability.


  • Easy to Load and Shoot
  • Reliable and Accurate With Controlled Shooting
  • Long Range and Good Velocity
  • Slam Fire Mechanism for Higher Rate of Fire


  • Takes Time to Reload

2. NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 6 Elite Darts
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is a more advanced and easy-to-use version of the Elite Strongarm. The Disruptor is exactly the same as Strongarm, except for the fact that it’s dart loading cylinder doesn’t pop out. 

You can load the darts one-by-one into the cylinder by just rotating it. This greatly reduces the effort and time involved in reloading new darts to the gun. 

The Disruptor has a 6 round capacity, and shoots elite darts to distances as far as 90 feet. The blaster works on a slide-pulling mechanism, where a single shot is fired with every slide-rack.

The slam-fire action allows you to fire all 6 darts in quick succession, by pressing down the trigger as you pump the slide. 

The blaster weighs about one and a half pounds, and is compact enough to be used with a single hand. The single shot mechanism, coupled with the range and velocity of darts, makes it even more accurate. 

It is a great weapon for both kids and adults, however, toddlers or younger kids may have difficulty racking the slide. 


  • Easy and Quick to Reload 
  • Slam Fire Mechanism for Quick Shots
  • Extremely Accurate for a Nerf Blaster


  • Single Shot Mechanism
  • Longer Reload Times

3. NERF N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 15 Elite Darts
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

The N-Strike Elite Surgefire is a  high capacity blaster, with an intuitive and easy-to-use reloading mechanism. The foregrip handle positioned in the front of the blaster, acts both as a grip, and a charging handle.

This ensures that you can shoot at your target, while maintaining your stance, and without the need for taking your eyes off it. 

The blaster features a rotating drum with a 15 dart capacity. Which is enough to decimate your opponents within seconds. 

It also supports a slam-fire action, so you can just pump the charging handle while keeping the trigger pinned under your finger. Thus attaining a fire rate of about 3-4 darts per second. 

The blaster launches darts  up to a distance of 90 feet, so you can take out distant targets with ease and accuracy. 

It is exceptionally appropriate for conducting raids into the enemy camp, and acts like a shotgun ideal for close quarter encounters. 

Designed for kids aged 8 and up.


  • High Dart Capacity for More Firepower
  • Easy and Quick, Intuitive Loading Mechanism
  • Accurate and Powerful


  • Reloading Darts Takes Time and Effort

4. NERF N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper

Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 12 Elite Darts
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

One of the most customizable Nerf N-Strike blasters on the market. The Delta Trooper matches the customizability of real life weapons. 

It features a single shot slam-fire mechanism, which allows you to spew out all 12 rounds in a quick succession. The slide is located just above the trigger, and the blaster accepts a 12 round clip magazine for better handling of darts.

You can carry multiple magazines to quickly load a new set of darts into your blaster, within seconds. 

The blaster also features a detachable stock and barrel extension. Which converts it from being a single handed handgun, to a full fledged assault rifle. 

The stock and barrel extension increase the overall size of the blaster, and help with handling. Plus, they have rails which can be used to add extra accessories. 

Additionally, converting it to a rifle greatly enhances its accuracy, since you can now have a better grip on the blaster, and a longer barrel to shoot from. 


  • Customizable Design for Better Performance
  • 12 Round Magazine for Quick Reloading
  • Extremely Accurate


  • Prone to Jamming Issues

5. NERF Megalodon N-Strike Mega

NERF Megalodon N-Strike Mega Toy Blaster with 20 Official Mega Whistler Darts Includes: Blaster, Drum, 20 Darts, & Instructions

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Mega
  • Ammo: 20 Elite Whistler Darts
  • Range: 85 Feet (26 Metres)

The Megalodon N-Strike Mega Toy Blaster is a formidable weapon for the Nerf playground. It looks totally awesome, and the portable minigun like shooting stance you have to take, is way too cool. 

The blaster has a high drum capacity of 20 darts, which is enough to put up a fight. 

The crank handle on the top has to be worked back and forth to charge the weapon for every shot. It also has a slam-fire feature, so you can shoot consecutive round quickly, with a single push of the trigger. 

The average range of this toy blaster is about 85 feet, and it shoots darts with an average velocity of 65 fps. 

The Whistler darts make a sweet whistling sound, which adds to the excitement of the Nerf game. Due to its design, and capacity, the megalodon n-strike Nerf gun will be best suited for ambush, and flag defense. 

However, you should not expect it to be very accurate for the same reasons. But it’s still a foe -decimating weapon at close range. 


  • High Drum Capacity
  • Slam-Fire Feature for Heavy Rate of Fire


  • Quite Inaccurate
  • Expensive

6. NERF N-Strike HyperFire Toy Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)

Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Toy Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 25 Elite Darts
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

The N-Strike Hyperfire is the fastest dart shooting blaster on the market. The motorized mechanism of the blaster spews out darts at a rate of 5 per second.

This high rate of fire is supported by a high capacity drum magazine which can hold 25 darts. The blaster operates using a motor, which is powered by 4 D batteries. 

It offers an unmatched rate of shooting, and has the capability to fend off multiple opponents at a time. The blaster shoots elite darts up-to a distance of 90 feet. 

It comes with only a single drum, however, you can use separate elite clip magazines as spares or backup. 

The blaster looks very cool, and is quite compact considering the fact that it houses a motor, 4 batteries and a 25 dart drum. 

The stock in the rear helps with positioning the weapon, and attaining a more comfortable stance to shoot accurately.


  • Shoots 5 Darts Per Second
  • Full Automatic Firing
  • High Capacity Drum With 25 Darts
  • Silent and Effortless Operation 


  • A Bit Heavy 
  • Consumes Darts Very Quickly

7. NERF N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: N-Strike
  • Ammo: 1 Elite Darts (pack of 10)
  • Range: 50 Feet (16 Metres)

The SharpFire blaster is more of a novelty than a useful weapon for Nerf games. However, its versatility and design are still very admirable. 

The blaster features a 6-in-1 configurable design, which can be achieved by disassembling and changing the position of the two detachable components – the stock and the barrel extension.

This single shot blaster has a capacity of only one dart. Which means you can use its as a backup weapon only. 

The stock has space for mounting 6 darts as spares. Plus, a clip on its bottom allows it to be used as a holster for the SharpFire blaster. 

It might prove to be a good sidearm while you maneuver with your primary Nerf gun. The sharpfire blaster is a good choice for younger kids, and toddlers who need a more simple, compact and lightweight nerf toy gun. 


  • 6-in-1 Configuration for Versatility
  • Looks Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Can Be Used as an Emergency Backup Without Attachments
  • Compact and Lightweight 


  • Single Dart Capacity 
  • Attachments and Several Configurations are Useless

8. NERF N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: AccuStrilke
  • Ammo: 1 Elite Darts (pack of 6)
  • Range: 40 Feet (12 Metres)

The N-Strike Elite Falconfire stands among the top most accurate Nerf blasters on the market. Thanks to the revolutionary design of the Accustrike darts. 

The Falconfire is the smallest member of the Accustrike series, and features a single shot, top-loading design to manually load and shoot one dart at a time. 

You rack the slide backwards, pop in a dart, close the slide, aim and shoot towards your target.

The best part of using the Falconfire is the presence of an in-build dart storage chamber. Which looks more like a magazine at first sight. 

You can pull out one dart at a time from the bottom, and then load it to the blaster. This is a feature, most single shot blasters lack. Additionally, it is better than jiggling your pockets to pull out a single dart. 

The blaster also has ring sights, which help you with aiming. Given the fact that it is an exceptionally accurate Nerf gun. Plus, the priming indicator also keeps you informed about the status of your blaster. 


  • Extremely Accurate Dart
  • Looks Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Ring Sights and Prime Indicator
  • Built-in Dart Storage Chamber 


  • Single Shot Capacity 

9. NERF Elite Titan CS-50

NERF Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster -- Fully Motorized, 50-Dart Drum, 50 Official Elite Darts, Spinning Barrel -- for Kids, Teens, Adults

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Elite
  • Ammo: 50 Elite Darts (pack of 6)
  • Range: 90 Feet (27 Metres)

If you’ve ever dreamt of Hasbro making a Nerf minigun. Congratulations, your dream has come true. 

The Titan CS-50 is a behemoth of the Nerf universe. It’s a gatling Nerf blaster, designed to spew out darts like a real machine gun. The Nerf gun is as good as it gets. 

The blaster features a formidable design, and runs on a motor powered by 4 D batteries. It includes a drum magazine, which can hold 50 darts at its maximum capacity.

This blaster is big for sure, but the top carry handle, and the shoulder strap makes carrying it too easy. Just push the power button on the top grip handle, and you’ll be spraying darts at a ferocious pace. 

The best part about using this blaster, is the spinning barrel which sounds just like a real minigun. It uses the famous elite darts, which deliver good accuracy and range. 

This is the blaster you need to teach people the real meaning of “suppressing fire”.


  • High Rate of Fire Due to Motorized Operation
  • High Dart Capacity of 50 Darts
  • Convenient to Carry and Handle
  • Great for Suppressing Fire 


  • Reloading Drums Takes Too Much Time
  • Eats Up Darts Very Quickly

10. Longstrike NERF Modulus Toy Blaster

Longstrike Nerf Modulus Toy Blaster with Barrel Extension, Bipod, Scopes, 18 Modulus Elite Darts & 3 Six-Dart Clips (Amazon Exclusive)

Click image to see more details

Quick Overview:

  • Sub Series: Modulus
  • Ammo: 6 Elite Darts (pack of 18)
  • Range: 40 Feet (12 Metres)

The Nerf Modulus Longstrike was designed to be a sniper Nerf blaster. Which it does stick to some extent. 

The blaster is feature packed, just like a real tactical sniper rifle. You get an adjustable bipod, scope, folding sights and large rail space on the top.

It comes with three clips with a capacity of 6 darts. The Longstrike is a bolt action blaster, which gives you realistic experience while shooting. 

Another admirable feature of this blaster is the extra storage space inside the stock for a couple of clips. 

The blaster is exceptionally accurate within a range of about 40 feet. However, it can hit targets as far as 60 feet with the right darts and shooting skills.


  • Cool Accessories for Optimal Performance and Realistic Experience
  • 3 Clips With Storage for 2 Clips in the Stock
  • Large Rail Space


  • Priced on the Higher End
  • Bipod May Feel Wobbly


So this concludes our review of the best N-Strike Nerf Guns. The list includes single shot blasters, sniper blasters, full automatic and semi-automatic blasters. Each of which serves a specific purpose.

The N-strike series is a versatile collection of blasters, catered for every individual need. However, it finally drills down to your own personal preference, taste and budget.

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