What is the Best Hopper for Speedball?

You’re on the market looking for a great hopper for speedball. Where do you start? The thing about hoppers is that there are so many of them out there and so many brands that you can go through some serious analysis paralysis while trying to decide what is best for you. That’s why we’re here; to give you a guide to the very best of them, with a great summary of their features. That way, your decision making will be greatly simplified.

When it comes to looking for a good speedball hopper, there are a few things you simply can’t compromise on:

Great capacity

Capacity matters a great deal. When you’re caught up in the heat of a match, you don’t want to have to keep stopping just to reload. You want to have enough paint to last you an entire game, and perhaps even longer. That’s why a hopper with good capacity is such a crucial addition to the picture. You should ideally go for something with 200 ball capacity or more. Anything less and you will spend more of your match time reloading than actually playing.

reloading hopper with paintballs

Tool-less Disassembly

This is yet another important point. The last thing you want to do is disrupt gameplay to look for a tool to take your hopper apart so you can clean it or find out what’s causing a jam. You should go for a hopper that you can take apart without tools and clean in less than a minute. When it comes to paintball, efficiency is paramount.

must shoot quickly in speedball

Good Feed Rate

The whole point of speedball is to be able to shoot frequently and at a high rate. If you’re going to outshoot your opponent then you’ll need a hopper with a good feed rate. The very best hoppers in the market have feed rates over 30 balls per second. You should go for something close to that while you do your shopping.

Anti-jam Technology

When you’re shooting balls out at such a high rate, you’re likely to experience a lot of jams if you’re using a regular hopper. Due to the manufacture of inefficient hoppers, jams are actually pretty common in matches. In fact, most of the time, an untimely jam is the major difference between victory and defeat in a match. A good hopper will have efficient and effective anti-jam technology to prevent you from ever having to deal with that technology.

Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader

Features and Specifications

  • 200 ball capacity
  • Radiofrequency upgradeable
  • Handles reballs well
  • Push forward button and reverse button
  • Built-in Rip Drive system
  • Simple toggle switch to turn on and off
  • One piece feed neck integrated for greater durability
  • Dive carrier has been redesigned to support consistent feeding and greater speed
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Includes infrared sensors that provide ball jam clearance automatically
  • Sound activated force-feeding
  • Can easily be assembled and disassembled without the need for any special tools
Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader - Matte Black

See more details, pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.com

Design and Features

The Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader is one of the most proactive guns you will ever use on a paintball gun. It has sound-activated force-feeding, which works excellently with reballs. The system will monitor your drive force and ensure your reballs are reloaded at just the right time. You’ll never have to worry about a jam in that respect. You’ll also enjoy the capacity. This paintball easily holds 200 balls with some room to spare. It is also versatile enough to handle both regular paintballs and reballs, never breaking a single round.

When it comes to the build, this hopper is very lightweight, making use of such high-quality materials as nylon and reinforced carbon fiber. It also has a very low profile, making it easy for you to lie low when you’re making stealth moves during a match.

Overall, due to its great capacity and technology, this is a great hopper to own for people of all levels of experience and playing styles.

Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader

Features and Specifications

  • Very light at only 1.1 lbs.
  • Extremely strong and sturdy
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with a range of colorways
  • You don’t need any tools to disassemble this hopper
  • You only need 3 double A batteries to operate. The power is also quite long lasting. You can expect the batteries to hold their charge through more than 100,000 balls.
  • Has an indicator for low battery
  • Has an anti-jam rubber feed arm
  • Constant feed technology serving 30 balls per second
  • The lid is 15% larger than your average lid, making for more efficient loading
  • Has a quick disconnect top that you can easily swap out if you want a speed feed
  • Has an adjustable capacity that can be increased from 200 balls to 260 balls
  • Has a reload alert system that is the very first of its kind in the industry
  • Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader

    See more details, pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.com

    Design and Features

    Let’s start with the incredible feed rate. When you’re in the field, your rate of fire is crucial to your success. You can’t go into a match with a slow hopper that will spell sure defeat for you. The Dye Precision Rotor has a feed rate of 30 balls per second, making sure you have a consistent flow of paint going to your gun during a match.

    The capacity is also pretty good. Here they decided to go all out and deliver something you will be hard put to find elsewhere. The capacity is great right out of the box with the hopper being able to hold 200 balls comfortable. However, what really takes the cake here is the fact that you can upgrade the capacity to 260 balls, which makes it possible to outlast your opponents in a game.

    The tool-less maintenance is also a great addition. You can quickly take your hopper apart and clean it in less than a minute. Couple that with the durable build and materials and you have a winner.

    Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loaders

    Features and Specifications

    • Intelligence proactive feeding
    • Never hams with Spire IR system which feeds even the worst paintballs through without jamming
    • Has a highly durable nylon back shell to withstand tough combat conditions
    • Very gentle on paint. It has been designed to comfortably feed even the most fragile paint out there
    • Can be upgraded to speed feed.
    • Great capacity of 200 balls
    Virtue Spire 200 Electronic Paintball Loader/Hopper - Graphic Cyan

    See more details, pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.com

    Design and Features

    To start with, the Virtue Spire is extremely lightweight. In fact, it’s not just very lightweight, it also happens to be the lightest hopper on the market to date. It blows the Rotor and the Z2 straight out of the water. Even after you’ve loaded it to capacity, it feels practically weightless in your hand, allowing for very comfortable gameplay.

    The anti-jam technology on the Virtue Spire is also pretty impressive. To start with, the force activated G-force sensor only feeds paint into your gun when it feels your gun shoot. The spring-loaded anti-jam paddles also slide in to clean out any paint threatening to jam the hopper. There is also a convenient force feed button right under the power button that doubles as an LED. If all the other measures fail, just press the button to force paint into your gun in no time.

    The tool-less disassembly is another notable mention here. You only have to undo a single lock button by sliding it away and pulling it out. Your hopper comes apart beautifully, allowing you to carry out routine maintenance on it.

    Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

    Features and Specifications

  • Constant feed technology capable of delivering more than 30 balls per second
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Adjustable torque
  • Shark fin anti-jam trigger
  • Adjustable capacity from 200 balls to 260 balls
  • Tuff molding shell technology
  • Rapid release lid
  • Reload alert system
  • Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader - Black

    See more details, pictures, reviews and prices on Amazon.com

    Design and Features

    The most outstanding thing about this loader is its versatility. It is capable of delivering high-quality performance at a very affordable price. It will work for you no matter what your style of play or level of experience is.

    The feed technology is typical Dye and is an industry leader as expected. You will love the feed rate of 30 or more balls per second. It is also highly functional with a spring loader that is very easy to chuck out and clean.

    The power efficiency on this hopper is almost unmatched on the market. That’s what you should expect when you’re dealing with a Dye. This electronic paintball loader will take 3 double A batteries and they are capable of lasting through a shot count of over 80,000 paintballs.

    You can easily adjust the feed tension and get to enjoy a built-in shark fin anti-jam trigger so you never get a jam on the trigger no matter what kind of paint you’re using.

    The disassembly is tool-less, meaning you get to cut down on the time you spend to clean out your hopper and perform routine maintenance on it. All you have to do is slide a lock aside and you’re done.

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