Best Nerf Sniper Rifles (2018 Buying Guide)

Over the years, Nerf has produced many different types of blasters. Super small Nerf guns, revolver type blasters, big machine guns, and also sniper rifles.

A sniper rifle is typically a weapon that can shoot very far and also very accurate. As we all know, Nerf blasters aren’t exactly accurate, so let’s not get too excited in that regard.

However, there are some pretty cool Nerf sniper rifles available. They may not always be super accurate, but they do often have the best looks and perform reasonably well.

We’ve had a look at some of the best Nerf snipers that have come out in recent years and have selected our top 6.

Top Pick:
AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Second Choice:
Mega Centurion

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster


Product Name

Year Released

Shooting Distance


Where to Buy


60-90 feet

AccuStrike Darts


70-100 feet

Mega Darts


40-75 feet

Elite Darts


40-75 feet

Streamline Darts


60-90 feet

Elite Darts


35 feet

Streamline Darts

What Are Nerf Sniper Rifles?

In the real world, a sniper rifle is characterized by its ability to shoot very far and very accurately. A sniper rifle is typically held against the shoulder for stability and also has a telescopic sight on top to assist with precision shooting.

Nerf has done its best to come up with blasters that resemble sniper rifles. They are designed in a similar fashion, with a shoulder stock, sight and other accessories to make them look and feel like real world sniper rifles.

There’s one huge difference though. Nerf sniper rifles aren’t exactly accurate and they don’t shoot all that far. But that’s cool, because they’re toy guns that shoot foam darts. To give a Nerf blaster sniper status is actually a controversial thing, because of the reasons mentioned.

But as long as you set your expectations right, you won’t be disappointed with the below best Nerf sniper rifles. Also keep in mind that most of these Nerf snipers can be modified to make them perform better. There are also lots of standard accessories available, such as extension barrels, to improve their sniper status.

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6 Best Nerf Sniper Rifles

We’ve selected 6 of the best Nerf snipers ever made. Some of them have been on the market for some time now but are all still available for purchase today. Others have only been released in recent times.

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Released earlier in 2017, the RaptorStrike in the N-Strike Elite AccuStrike series is an absolute winner. The RaptorStrike comes with no less than 18 AccuStrike darts, the next generation Nerf darts designed to be more accurate than any other type of darts. Two years in the making, Accustrike darts have improved weight distribution and a spin effect when fired.

The RaptorStrike is loaded with two 6-dart clip magazines. In other words, you will have six spare AccuStrike darts. One magazine gets inserted into the robust shoulder stock and one into the front of the blaster.

Interestingly, the RaptorStrike is designed without a tactical rail so that you can’t actually attach an external sight. Instead, it comes with a very unique built-in sight which is pretty cool. The handy bi-pod can adjusted in height depending on personal preference and how far you want to shoot.

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Sub-series: AccuStrike
  • Year released: 2017
  • Ammunition: AccuStrike Darts
  • Firing range: 60-90 feet

2. Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster

The Centurion, some hate it, others love it. We think it’s an awesome Nerf sniper rifle. Because the Centurion is part of the Mega series, it shoots Mega darts. As the name implies, Mega darts are a lot bigger than regular Elite darts and are designed such that the firing range is a bit better.

The Mega Centurion comes packaged with a front attachment (that makes the blaster very long), a bi-pod, a magazine and six Mega darts. The magazine is able to holds all six Mega darts, but the problem with the magazine is that it’s way too big. It’s too big in the sense that it’s actually quite difficult to release it with one hand. The bi-pod is very robust and can be easily attached to the rail at the bottom of the blaster for extra stability. The Centurion also has an extra rail on top for accessories like sights to be attached.

Firing with the Centurion is easy but it must be said that the priming handle needs to moved back quite far which requires a bit of getting used to. The grip and trigger on the other hand are spot on. It’s also worth noting that firing generates a fair bit of noise, which some me appreciate and others just don’t. In general, we find the Mega Centurion an awesome Nerf sniper despite the minor ergonomic red flags. The firing range is also very good which is important for a sniper.

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Sub-series: N-Strike Mega
  • Year released: 2013
  • Ammunition: Mega Darts
  • Firing range: 70-100 feet

3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Released in 2012, the popular Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator is the direct successor to the N-Strike Recon CS-6 from 2008. The Retaliator is an awesome Nerf sniper made up of different components that allow you to create different types of blasters. Not only is this a long-barrel rifle, you can also set it up as a pistol or a sub machine gun. You essentially get four blasters in one.

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The retaliator comes with 12 Elite darts that can be loaded in the 12-dart clip. While the firing range of up to 75 feet is not the best in this list of Nerf sniper rifles, the Retaliator is a well-designed and ergonomic blaster. The shoulder stock however is a bit on the short side.

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Year released: 2012
  • Ammunition: Elite Darts
  • Firing range: 40-75 feet


4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6

Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6

The popular Longshot CS-6 is technically a blaster still from the Elite range and was originally released in traditional yellow color. However, this Nerf sniper received a new paint job and with the blue and white color scheme it is now considered a Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster even though it is not.

The bi-pod is attached to the blaster and can be easily folded in and out. The super comfortable grip and easy priming movement make firing with the Longshot CS-6 quite a pleasant experience. On top of that, the stock at the back is adjustable so you can set it the way it’s most comfortable for you.

The biggest drawback is that the performance is lacking a bit. This is not a surprise though as this Nerf sniper rifle is technically still an N-Strike and not an Elite N-Strike blaster. Apart from that, this is a well-designed and robust Nerf sniper. The Longshot is moddable with a few upgrades, the easiest being a spring upgrade that can be found here. 

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Year released: 2006
  • Ammunition: Streamline Darts
  • Firing range: 40-75 feet

5. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

The Modulus ECS-10 in the N-Strike series is a flywheel operated, semi automatic blaster with an electronic clip system. Press the clip release button to reload Elite Darts into the clip. To fire a dart, simply hold down the acceleration trigger and pull the firing trigger to fire one dart.

What’s awesome about the Modulus ECS-10 is the endless amount of add-ons and accessories that can be attached to the blaster. This allows the blaster to be configured and used in more than 30 different ways. So you basically get a set of different blasters for the price of one Nerf sniper. The long range upgrade kit makes this nerf blaster a true sniper!

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Modulus
  • Year released: 2015
  • Ammunition: Elite Darts
  • Firing range: 60-90 feet


6. Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Released in 2010 as part of the N-Strike series, the Longstrike CS-6 is a single fire Nerf sniper rifle that comes packaged with a detachable barrel, flip-up sight, and a six dart clip fitted for Streamline Darts.

The Longstrike CS-6 features four tactical rails, two on top of the main blaster and two on the top and bottom of the barrel extension. This now discontinued Nerf sniper has the true look of a rifle, something missing in the current options. This blaster has a not-so-good range of just 35 feet, mostly due to its thick air restrictors (which can be cut out). 

Since this model is discontinued, this has become more of a collectors item and the prices tend to reflect this.

Quick Summary


  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Year released: 2010
  • Ammunition: Streamline Darts
  • Firing range: 35 feet

Final Thoughts

Nerf sniper rifles are awesome as long as you have the right expectations. If you’re a true Nerf fan, you should definitely add at least one Nerf sniper to your collection, along with a Nerf pistol and a battery powered Nerf machine gun. All these different types of Nerf blasters have their very own specific features and drawbacks.

We personally love the brand new AccuStrike RaptorStrike which is perhaps the best ever Nerf sniper rifle ever made. It has a very slick design, feels very robust and performs surprisingly well.

Game on!

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  1. I don’t how the rapidstrike is a sniper. It is very unaccurate and also is full auto. It is more of a machine gun.

    1. Thanks for the comment. This article definitely needs refreshing and certainly the RapidStrike should not be on this list. Thank you for pointing that out!

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