What is Airsoft? Your Complete Resource to the History and Modern Day Game

what is airsoft

What is Airsoft?Airsoft, much like versions of laser tag or paintball, is a more realistic way to simulate military and police operations.  The use of life-like guns, gear, and tactics make it an extremely popular hobby for all walks of life.  Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of Airsoft and how to get started playing. History of AirsoftAt the end of … Read More

Searching for an extreme sport? Airsoft might be for you

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If you’re looking for an extreme activity that tests your physical, psychological and mental condition, you have to give this sport a try! Airsoft is a sport based on military simulation. To study the enemy, to establish a strategy and to release troops by following the attack methodology is just the beginning of the game.You will have to run, hide, climb, … Read More