DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader Review

DYE LT-R Paintball loader
Review Summary

Product Type:

Electronic Paintball Hopper


If you want versatility and a hopper that will offer you quality service at a quality price, then you can’t pass this one up.

The  DYE LT-R is truly a trendsetter.

It is not only a great hopper on its own but also happens to be the latest addition to the DYE line of well-renowned hoppers.

This hopper was designed for one thing in general: versatility. It doesn’t matter what your style of play is; the LT-R seeks to offer high-quality performance at an affordable price tag. As usual of Dye hoppers, this one has available a bunch of great technology that is all about finding the intersection of functionality and incredible reliability and ease of use.

At the very least, the LT-R has one of the craziest feed rates you will ever see on a hopper. It is fully capable of exceeding 30 balls per second. 

The rotor technology, which happens to be patented, ensures you have smooth and consistent feeding in your gun as the rotation of the Rotor center arm as opposed to the constant feed carousel’s rotation. That way you get one of the smoothest feeds in the industry.

The design on this hopper is tool-less, which means disassembly and routine maintenance will happen in under a minute with this hopper. It also has a low profile, which is excellent for paintball, and a capacity of 200 balls, which is even more excellent for paintball. The spring loaded floor tray is patented and seems to be entirely dedicated to making sure you have paint in your gun for all your special moments. The feed tension is adjustable and the trigger is an anti-jam one. That way your feed hopper should be easily able to handle kind of paint and all kinds of conditions. The lid is interchangeable between spring and carrier, which makes it perfectly easy to switch between the original lid that comes with your purchase and quick feeds made for Dye products. The LT-R battery efficiency of this gun is also on another level. It takes 3 double A batteries that will last the hopper through a count shot of more than 80,000 balls. Not only is it efficient on power and feed, but it also looks good and feels light in the hand.

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Highly Versatile Loader

The LT-R has the beautiful quality of being versatile. It can easily adapt to any style of play and will provide you with quality performance no matter what your level of experience with paintball or style of play. The price is also pretty hard to beat.

Patented Feed Technology

The loader technology on this hopper is patented by Dye and happens to combine some of the best functionality on the market with excellent feed rates. At 30 balls per second, you can be sure you’ll always be able to take full advantage of your shots and enjoy your matches more. The spring loader is also pretty easy to pull out and clean, not to mention how gentle it is on paint overall.

Great Power Efficiency

The power efficiency on the Dye LT-R is the kind that rivals that of much more expensive loaders. This hopper will take 3 double A batteries and they will serve you faithfully through more than 80,000 shots.

Anti-Jam Technology

The feed tension on this beast is adjustable meaning you can adjust it to get yourself the perfect shot at every turn. Additionally, the shark fin trigger built in is anti-jam, which makes sure you never have to deal with a jam, no matter what kind of paint you’ve got in your hopper.

Tool-less Disassembly

We’ve all been there, where we take ages performing routine maintenance on out hoppers because we spend most of the time looking for the appropriate tools to do the job. You will experience none of that with the Dye LT-R. It can easily be taken apart without the help of any tools. All it takes is the slide of a lock and you’re set to change the batteries or clean out the paint instantly.

Features and Specifications

  • Constant feed technology capable of delivering more than 30 balls per second
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Adjustable torque
  • Shark fin anti-jam trigger
  • Adjustable capacity from 200 balls to 260 balls
  • Tuff molding shell technology
  • Rapid release lid
  • Reload alert system

Watch this DYE LT-R video to see more hands-on info. 

Satisfaction Summary:

Customers loved this hopper for its unmatched versatility and affordability. You can use it comfortably no matter what your style of play or level of experience. The feed technology ensures your hopper is constantly feeding paint to your gun and the anti-jam trigger ensures you never have to deal with a jam. The customers simply couldn’t get enough of those features.

Despite the glowing reviews, there was one customer we found who claimed that their hopper wouldn’t feed out any balls and gave the product a single star. This was the only such complaint, however, and doesn’t seem like a consistent issue.


The Good Stuff:
  • Tooless teardown
  • More durable version of the DYE Rotor
  • High performing hopper without a huge pricetag
The Bad Stuff:
  • Potentially a bit noisy for some. 
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