Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader Review

So there you are trying to make a difficult decision about whether to stick to your rotor or to get yourself the Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader.

Well, I can tell you for free that your best decision yet would be to go for the Prophecy. This gun is simply out of this world with features that will leave your mouth so wide open you’ll be scraping your jaw from the floor.

For starters, it’s great for use with reballs. If you live in an environment where it’s too cold to use reballs then it’s probably a good idea to use this hopper. The feed system is pretty intricate but easy to use with a few simple buttons. The shape is combat ready; the weight is perfect, and the brains on this hopper might make you feel a little daft in comparison, but in a good way.

The Empire Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader is pretty much a continuation of Empire’s great tradition with excellent build and features. The drive force is constantly monitored by this hopper, making sure it delivers balls as and when you need them. If you’ve had to deal with jams before, then that will be a thing of the past with the Z2 loader as it clears the jams pretty fast. You no longer have to worry about missing a shot just when it aligns perfectly.

This hopper isn’t just efficient, it’s pretty fast too. It is just about the most proactive gun loader I have ever seen in my life. In a flash, it will have taken more proactive actions than any other gun loader you have ever owned, hands down. Not only is it supremely advanced, easily blowing its competitors out of the water, but it is also extremely easy to use. I bet that, with a little practice, my 3-year-old niece could become a pro with this loader. The materials are also on another level. They are a great combination of strength and lightweight. They are made of reinforced carbon composites, making them extremely strong, but also extremely lightweight and low profile. No matter what level your experience is at; no matter what kind of game you play, the Empire Prophecy Z2 Paintball Loader will supercharge you to levels you hadn’t imagined possible.

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It is low Profile and Lightweight

When it comes to strength, carbon composites are the industry standard for paintball. A steel hopper is extremely strong, but certainly won’t be light and will need quite a bit of strength to haul around. Something made of pure plastic, on the other hand, will be very light but won’t be able to withstand the harsh conditions paintball loaders have to go through during action. The perfect sweet spot is the carbon composite, where you get something with a strength equal to, or even superior to that of steel, and a weight much lighter than steel. The Z2 loader exists at that sweet spot. It will endure the harsh combat conditions associated with play and is ergonomically designed to be both comfortable and light.

It has Sound activated Force Feeding

The efficiency of the Z2 loader is unmatched in this respect. The force feeder is excellent for use with reballs and will aggressively monitor drive force, reloading just when needed to give you the perfect shot each time. Sound activated force feeding ensures the loader stays on top of its game while it works tirelessly to ensure that you’re on top of yours too.

Excellent Capacity

This paintball loader has a capacity of 200 balls. It will easily handle both regular balls and reballs without breaking them, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a full game without ever thinking of reloading.

Features and Specifications

  • 200 ball capacity
  • Radiofrequency upgradeable
  • Handles reballs well
  • Push forward button and reverse button
  • Built-in Rip Drive system
  • Simple toggle switch to turn on and off
  • One piece feed neck integrated for greater durability
  • Dive carrier has been redesigned to support consistent feeding and greater speed
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Includes infrared sensors that provide ball jam clearance automatically
  • Sound activated force-feeding
  • Can easily be assembled and disassembled without the need for any special tools

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Customers really loved this hopper. In fact, they loved it for a variety of reasons, with each of them seeming powerful enough that a lot of people would point it out. I couldn’t help noticing many mentions of the incredibly low profile and the force-feeding feature. There were also quite a couple of mentions about the excellent capacity. Many customers said that it’s “Great value for the price”.

The product has a score of 3.4 stars out of a possible 5 from 43 reviewers with 58% of these reviewers giving it the full 5 stars.

While most of the reviews were glowing with praise, some customers complained about a variety of things, ranging from defective batteries to a lack of spin. These seemed like normal manufacturer defects, however, since complaints were few and far between.

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If you’re looking for the next generation hopper that will supercharge your paintball experience then the Z2 is the way to go.

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