Searching for an extreme sport? Airsoft might be for you

If you’re looking for an extreme activity that tests your physical, psychological and mental condition, you have to give this sport a try!

Airsoft is a sport based on military simulation. To study the enemy, to establish a strategy and to release troops by following the attack methodology is just the beginning of the game.

extreme sport airsoft

You will have to run, hide, climb, jump and, of course, to localize your enemies and take them out before they take you out. The only risk of serious injury caused by airsoft projectiles is eye injuries when the appropriate protection is not used.

It must be practiced by using a proper uniform and replicas of real war combat weapons. These are designed to be a loyal and non-lethal copies of the real ones, and some of them even have the same weight as a real gun in order to guarantee reality while playing.

The pistols can be described in three types:

  • Spring
  • Electric
  • Gas

Regardless of their type, guns shoot plastic solid balls known as BBs. They’re designed to be 6 millimeters in size and they’re driven out with a speed from 70 feet per second (FPS) to more than 700 FPS in some cases. The average speed to expel BBs is usually set as a rule and it shouldn’t be higher than the established limits to guarantee safety.

The game modes always resemble military simulations, that’s why players or airsofters use military uniforms previously agreed by the team they belong to. Tactical clothes are a must, so as multifunction waistcoats, helmets, boots, gloves, specs and elbow protection.

Who can be an airsofter?

One of the first thing that must be considered before practicing airsoft is age. An important amount of countries tend to ban airsoft practices for underage kids. In some cases that age limit can be obviated when there is an adult who also plays and represents the teenager.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the physical condition to understand the limits each player should place and what position should they take, since there are a variety of roles that can be adapted to each case. For example, some roles need a clever mind who can perform a proper camouflage that will make them be more lethal to the opponents than other players running through the battlefield.

How can I practice it?

Regardless of the game mode, an airsofter never plays alone. Being part of a team is the first step to practice. Team members are those in charge to train new players with the basic rules, to teach them how to wield and maneuver weapons and to instruct them about the different strategies that can be run. They’re also the main responsible for the fulfillment of honor policy.

Unlike paintball, where you can visibly know when a person has been shot through paint, there is no certain way to know it when it comes to airsoft. For this reason, honor plays an important role during every encounter.

While playing, sometimes one cannot verify if an airsofter has been hit by BBs, so if it happens, the player must assume they’re out of the game by raising their hand and yelling the “out-code”, that can be “hit”, “down”, “out” or any other related. This action shows the team engagement level with the sport.

Protection norms are the first ones that must be set, considering BBs can be shot with a speed higher than 700 fps in some cases. It is obligatory to use certified specs and masks that can resist hard impacts so your eyes are always safe.

Since during the game players may have different physical challenges, it is imperative to have a complete protection source, such as thick gloves to guard your hands from BBs and to climb when necessary. It will also be needed knee and elbow pads, because of the possibilities of falling down and having to hold painful or uncomfortable positions for a long time.

Learn basic rules

Each play has a series of rules, but the general guideline is formed this way:

  1. It is a must to protect your eyes during the whole tournament. There is usually a player in charge to verify that everybody is following the safety parameters.
  2. Any kind of impact the BBs may have against any part of the airsofter body and uniform is enough to be out of the round.
  3. The gun is a body extension, so any impact on this one will eliminate the player who holds it.
  4. When hit, a player must go to the “dead zone” previously agreed upon by both teams and will wait there until a new game starts.
  5. It is forbidden to poke out the gun when shooting the opponent and hide the rest of the body. The players have the right to see who’s shooting.
  6. The minimum shooting distance is 5 meters.
  7. When the distance is less than 5 meters, the player must apply the “photo elimination”: they must say “photo”, “eliminated” or “out” while pointing at the opponent, but never shoot. If they are less than 1 meter of distance, the player with the advantage can whisper in order to not reveal their position.
  8. When two players find themselves face to face, the one who points with their gun in first place is the one who will survive. The honor and honesty play an important role in these cases.
  9. While the game is running, players in the “dead zone” will not be able to shoot from their position nor to talk to active players.
  10. The environment will be always respected. No damage shall be caused in order to preserve nature and to guarantee a good place to play.
  11. Guns can only be activated when the player is either inside the established safe zone or during the game.
  12. Before each game or tournament, each weapon must be used by respecting the limits and agreements set by organizers.

Airsoft is an extreme sport that tests your different conditions. A clever choice can turn you into the game hero or villain. In any case, enjoying, sharing and being part of a family is the result when the rules are followed.

So, if you’re thinking about starting to play, don’t hesitate and take out the most honorable version of yourself. Get ready to start!

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