5 Awesome Laser Tag Games to Play at Home

5 Awesome Laser Tag Games to Play at Home

Hosting at home laser tag can be a blast!

Not only for your kids but for you as well. Laser tag is a fun way to get the family out and moving or host an entire party full of kids and adults.

Here are some of our favorite laser tag games you can play right at home!

Set-up for all laser tag games

Make a “graveyard.” 

A graveyard is a designated area for players who have been “killed” and are out of the current game, waiting for the next game to start. An indoor room or tent works great for this. It can be stocked with snacks and drinks and is a great way to keep players occupied while they are waiting for the next game to start.

Set boundaries.

Where do you want your players to be? If you are playing indoors, you can set boundaries so kids and parents aren’t diving into your bathtub to hide from laser beams! Playing outside allows for lots of options when it comes to space to play and hide.

Make barriers.

Everyday objects can be great to toss in the yard for hiding places if there are no natural barriers like trees or bushes. Kids love to hide behind/ in cardboard boxes, pool floats, folding tables flipped on their sides, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Capture the flag:

Number of players- 4-20+

Split your group into two teams. Place a flag or “treasure” on each opposite side of the boundary. The objective for each team is to start at their own flag and make it all the way across the play area to capture the opposite team’s flag before their own flag is captured. To make it more difficult, teams can be required to return the opposite team’s flag back to their own flag’s “base.”

See Wikipedia for more details on this favorite game type.


Number of players- 4-20+

Start with a team of “Zombies.” This can be any amount of players up to half of the group. Zombies work together to shoot non-zombies. Once a player is shot, they join the zombie team and try to find more players to turn into zombies. The last non-zombie player remaining is the winner.

It’s a good idea to have players mark themselves as zombies once they are shot. You can use something such as a bright colored bandana so all players know what their objectives are; either to stay hidden as a non-zombie or to be a zombie and look for more players to turn into zombies.

Wild Wild West:

Number of players- 2-20+

Based off of quickdraws in the wild west, players pair up and stand back to back. You could off “paces” as they walk away from each other. Once they are a good distance away from each other depending on their age group, yell “3! 2! 1! Draw!” Platers turn to their partner and shoot.

The winners from each pair then match up again. Anyone who was shot in the first round is now out. Keep re-pairing those who win until you have one pair left. The final player who made it through every round without being shot is the winner.

wild west showdown

The Finish Line:

Number of players- 6-20+

Place a finish line or “home base” on each opposite end of the boundary area. Split players up into two equal groups. The objective is to have your team get the most players across the opposite finish line as possible. The team who gets the most players across the opposite finish line is the winning team. For example, if team A finishes with five players safely across the finish line, and team B finishes with three players safely across, team A wins.

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Hostage Rescue:

Number of players- 6-20+

A player from each team is “hidden” by a non-player before the game starts. The objective is to have each team find their hidden “hostage” and return them to their own home base. Once the hidden player is found, he or she can only move if a player from their own team is escorting them. You can make rules that they have to be touching, within five feet of each other, etc. to make sure that the hostage player doesn’t gain an advantage by taking off on their own.

These are some of our favorite games that produce the most laughs, no matter the age of the player. What are your favorite laser tag games? Let us know so in the comments section below so we can share them with other laser tag party hosts and enthusiasts! 

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