Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster Giveaway

Elite Rampage Blaster Giveaway
Elite Rampage Blaster Giveaway

Contest Rules

Submit your name and email to enter to win a new Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster. 

Entries must be submitted before 11/15/2018 to be eligible. Winner will be selected at random. 

Valid to USA residents only, no purchase necessary. 

Quick Overview of the N-Strike Elite Retaliator

The Nerf Retaliator is the direct successor to - and redesign of - the N-Strike Recon CS-6 from 2008. The Retaliator is a very impressive and robust Nerf blaster made up of different components that allow you to create different types of guns. The improved firing range is also a welcome bonus.


  • Range:
    N-Strike Elite blasters feature ranges up to 75 feet (35 feet for N-Strike blasters).
  • Darts:
    N-Strike Elite has new and improved Elite darts.
  • Firing system:
    N-Strike Elite blasters have a direct plunger firing system as opposed to a reverse plunger firing system.
  • Read our review on the Elite Retaliator here or see details on

    Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster (Colors May Vary)

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