8 Smallest Nerf Guns Ever Made

Nerf blasters come in different sizes, from insanely big to surprisingly small. While the larger blasters may have the best looks, it’s the small Nerf guns that are often most fun to play with.

Mini sized Nerf guns deserve a bit more respect and attention. Despite their small size, they often perform well above expectations with decent firing distance and accuracy.

And with their pistol shaped looks, they work really well as a secondary weapon in Nerf battles. Or otherwise, you can try and modify them to something bigger and more powerful.

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1. N-Strike Jolt

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

First released in 2011 as part of the N-Strike series, the popular Jolt is by many considered to be the smallest Nerf gun ever produced. The Jolt has a plunger at the bottom which you need to pull to create a vacuum. Pulling the trigger will then fire the dart.

Due to its popularity, the Nerf Jolt has been re-released in other Nerf series with various different themes and color schemes. Today the Jolt is still going strong under the N-Strike Elite series.

Nerf Jolt
  • Series: N-Strike
  • Year released: 2011
  • Ammunition: Elite Darts

2. N-Strike Secret Strike

Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1

Releases in 2004, the Nerf Secret Strike held the title of smallest Nerf blaster until the Jolt claimed it in 2011. The main difference between this small Nerf gun and the aforementioned Jolt is that the Secret Strike fires darts by pressing a firing button on top. Before firing you’ll need to use the pump under the muzzle to create an air vacuum. The Secret Strike is so small that you can carry it around attached to your belt with the belt clip.

While this small Nerf gun is surprisingly powerful, it’s also hugely unpractical. But that doesn’t matter, as it’s a collector’s item. So go get one if you’re a true Nerf fan and add it to your collection!

Nerf Secret Strike
  • Series: N-Strike
  • Year released: 2004
  • Ammunition: Micro Darts

3. N-Strike Reflex

Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 Blaster

Released in 2009 as a small N-Strike blaster is another single-fire pistol powered by a reverse plunger and a trigger. A pretty easy mechanism that works quite well, even with a mini Nerf gun like the Reflex.

While most mini Nerf guns are too small to have a tactical rail on top, the Reflex does have one. But then it’s actually far too small to properly attach any accessories to it. Just like most of these small Nerf guns, the Reflex is a collector’s item that doesn’t cost anything but may go up in value years down the track.

Nerf Reflex
  • Series: N-Strike
  • Year released: 2009
  • Ammunition: Micro Darts

4. Dart Tag Strikefire

Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2-Player Duel System (Colors May Vary)

The slightly bigger Strikefire was first released in 2005 as part of the not-too-popular Dart Tag series. The Strikefire has a reverse tactical rail on top, so you can actually attach it to other, larger blasters.

In addition to the single dart loaded in the barrel, the Strikefire has capacity to carry an extra five darts which is very useful. Similar to the Reflex, this mini gun is powered with an easy to use plunger and a trigger.

Nerf Strikefire
  • Series: Dart Tag
  • Year released: 2005
  • Ammunition: Tagger Micro Darts

5. Nite Finder

Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder EX3

The discontinued Nite Finder was first released in 2003 and is a single-fire mini Nerf gun with storage capacity for an extra two darts. It’s powered by a plunger that you’ll need to pull back to prime the gun. The trigger then fires a dart.

The Nite Finder was a rather popular Nerf blaster and has gone through several release iterations. The popular and more advanced Firestrike succeeded the Nite Finder in 2013 as part of the N-Strike Elite series. It was initially named Nite Finder because it actually has a little light. Although it doesn’t add a lot of value, it’s actually quite a cool feature. It does need two AA batteries for it to work though.

Nerf Nite Finder
  • Series: 2003 Series (unofficial)
  • Year released: 2003
  • Ammunition: Micro Darts

6. Dart Tag Eliminator

Nerf Dart Tag Eliminator

Releases in 2008 under the Dart Tag series, the Eliminator was the smallest reverse-plunger blaster available at that time. Firing with the Eliminator works very much the same as with the Reflex. Place one Micro dart in the muzzle, prime the slide back and then pull the trigger.

The Eliminator is an extremely basic mini Nerf gun. The range is not all that great but it’s a fun blaster to add to your collection if you can still find one!

Nerf Eliminator

  • Series: Dart Tag
  • Year released: 2008
  • Ammunition: Tagger Micro Darts

Currently not available

7. N-Strike Scout

Nerf N Strike Scout Ix-3 2-pack with 12 Whistler Darts

Released in 2003, the Scout was one of the first Nerf N-Strike series blasters. It is powered by a priming slide system and fires a dart with a trigger. The Scout has a tactical rail on top and capacity for two extra darts just below the muzzle.

The scout has officially been discontinued, but you may still be able to find one!

Nerf Scout
  • Series: N-Strike
  • Year released: 2003
  • Ammunition: Micro Darts

8. N-Strike Elite Triad


The Triad EX-3 in the N-Strike Elite series is a small but clever and powerful Nerf blaster.

The barrel in the Triad EX-3 holds three Elite darts that are fired in a clock-wise manner starting with the dart at the bottom of the barrel. The Triad is equipped with an intelligent air restriction mechanism. This smart technology feature allows the Triad to ignore empty barrel slots. In other words, if there are only two darts loaded into the barrel, this small Nerf gun will skip the empty one and only shoot with the two available darts.

Nerf Triad
  • Series: N-Strike Elite
  • Year released: 2013
  • Ammunition: Elite Darts
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2 thoughts on “8 Smallest Nerf Guns Ever Made”

  1. This list may need to be updated, maybe to a top ten if possible. There have been a few more guns made like the Pocketstrike, which is essentially a smaller jolt (unless you consider that to BE a jolt, then I’d find it worth mentioning in the description.) Also, I can’t tell if the list is organized by size or utility, because I’m almost positive that the secret strike is smaller than the jolt, the nite finder is larger than the triad, and so on like that. Not disagreeing with anything on the list, in fact I find it very helpful, I’m just picky about stuff like this.

    1. Thanks for the comment! This is on our list of posts to update. Perhaps we’ll organize it by size this time.

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