Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package Review (Tactical Edition)

Tipmann Cronus Tactical Edition
Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package
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Paintball Marker w/starter package


The Tippmann Cronus is pretty much one of those marker guns where you really can’t go wrong. The brand itself has a very good reputation. Their guns are rugged and can survive through just about any type of weather without losing their luster.

I think most people who have ever played paintball would say it’s a pretty fun activity.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to use the same tactics and strategies they use in the military but without any of the consequences.

Because of its intense appeal, paintball is a highly competitive sport and paintballers like to do everything they can to make sure they have no disadvantages on account of their equipment. Of the equipment, the most crucial is the paintball gun, and that is why we just love the Tippmann Cronus.

As far as marker guns go, this one’s entry level. However, it is very popular among beginners and intermediate paintballers. The marketing is primarily directed toward those just venturing into the sports and who may not have any prior mechanical experience. It has some great advantages to it, such as a light build, great accuracy, nearly no maintenance required, and great affordability.

The Tippmann is pretty much one of those marker guns where you really can’t go wrong. The brand itself has a very good reputation. Their guns are rugged and can survive through just about any type of weather without losing their luster.

These guns were made for the harsh and unforgiving outdoors, where they will survive inclement weather and still give some great shots. For this particular paintball marker gun, the features are fantastic. They make your experience all the more exciting and fun. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop. We couldn’t stop ourselves and we consider ourselves seasoned pros.

Right off the bat, this marker gun isn’t your run-of-the-mill marker gun. It’s not like the regular black ones we see on the market all the time. It has two tones of color: either green and black or tan and black. It also comes with a fantastic A5 barrel that’s both threaded and ported. That’s a pretty common design in the market and it’s popular because it gives you the opportunity to fit different barrels when you want to. It also has a mock suppressor fitted with an iron sight in the front. The sight can easily be removed when you would like to clean your barrel.

The receiver of the gun is well fitted for accessorizing. We have the rails around the gun. Top, sides, and bottom all have rails that make it easy for you to attach most accessories that you may need. These include a flashlight, optics, grips and so on. There is also a collapsible stock that’s optional on the marker gun. This makes it very easy to equip yourself with all the important extras that give you an added advantage during combat.

The combination of all these options makes the Tippmann Cronus marker gun extremely customizable. Whatever you imagine, you can probably put it on the Tippmann Cronus marker gun. But that’s not even the best part of the deal. The best part of the deal is that you get to upgrade this beginners gun to a much more effective tactical gun at very little extra cost.

Great Shooting Quality

Now, it goes without saying that this gun would be pretty useless if it didn’t shoot well. That’s why shooting ability is one of the most important things we look for. As it turns out this gun shoots well; very well. In fact, it shoots much better than we expected a beginner’s gun to shoot. It also has minimal recoil.

The firing mode is semi-automatic and highly accurate up to 150 feet. That makes it particularly effective when shooting your enemy at a distance. The fact that it’s semi-automatic means you get to shoot up to 8 balls each second.

If you like to get clear shots, then you’ll be happy with the other added feature on this gun: the comfortable construction. We’re talking about an extremely light build that’s easy to carry around and rubber grips molded into the handle that makes for a very comfortable experience. The gun itself is extremely well balanced in the hand and won’t distract you unnecessarily. That is all you need when you’re trying to make a good shot. We understand how important such a feature can be, especially when it’s raining like hell or the environment is generally wet.

Low Maintenance Required

You would need to be extremely determined to totally damage this marker gun. It is the epitome of ruggedness and is highly durable. The exterior of the gun will take just about any hit you give it and come out nearly unscathed at the end. The cleaning is also very easy as it can quickly be opened, even by a beginner. It’s like the 98 based marker so it’s extremely easy to maintain.

Good Value for Money

The Cronus is a pretty affordable paintball gun. The exact price you pay for your package will depend on the options you pick. However, it’s still got a base price of around $150. The internals of this marker gun is just like the Tippmann 98 Bravo One, Sierra One, and so on. These are 98 Custom markers and they are very well known for their resilience when firing in any conditions, even the harshest ones. The Cronus is just like these. You can expect some serious durability on this marker gun. It will easily last you a decade, giving you faithful high-quality service. The marker is customizable, very functional, rugged, and almost unbelievably affordable. What’s not to like?

Great Ergonomics

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages that this marker gun has over the 98 based Custom series is how ergonomic it is. Almost everyone who first handles this gun notices just how comfortable it is. It was built for the outdoors and the rubber grip allows you to get a firm grip on it even when your palms are wet with paint or when it’s raining. The marker is also extremely light for its size and very slim, making it particularly easy to wield for younger players. The stock can be adjusted and the different grip options mean that the gun is suitable for players of all ages and sizes.

This gun also has an in-line bolt system and an internal gas line which make it even more comfortable and portable when you’re caught up in the heat of the moment.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

Features and Specifications

  • 9-inch stock barrel
  • Gravity feed
  • .68 caliber with HPA air capability and CO2
  • Lightweight at only 3.7 pounds
  • Open bolt blow back
  • Mechanical trigger


Customer Reviews and Scores

Customers loved this gun for three main reasons. You could see these three get mentioned the most number of times in the reviews:

  • It is durable
  • It is affordable
  • It is lightweight

I found all three features well represented in the reviews, meaning they get to share the title of “most loved feature”.

There were 239 reviews of the product on Amazon, with customers giving the marker gun 4.3 stars out of a possible 5. 64% of those reviewers gave the product a full 5 stars.

There weren’t many complaints about the gun itself. Almost everyone remarked how great it was and what a great deal it was. However, there were a few complaints here and there about the quality of the tank, mask, and hopper. Reviewers claimed they were lower quality with one even going so far as to say they are “throw aways”. One of the commenters said the hopper lid broke off only after a day.

On the other hand, the strength of this package is really the gun, which no one has complained about. We would advise you to buy it for the gun alone and get the tank, hopper, and masks elsewhere from a third party vendor. There are plenty of vendors who specialize in this so that should be easy. Even if they the package involved the gun alone, it would still be a fantastic deal.

Given everything we found in this package, we highly recommend it as a buy. It’s definitely going to be one you won’t regret.


The Good Stuff:
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • The Bad Stuff:
  • May need to purchase a higher quality mask, tank, and hopper
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